P-DaKH Transdisciplinarity Forum

Palais Strozzi, Complexity Science Hub Vienna

On October 18-19th 2023, leading experts from science and practice discussed resilient phosphorus supply and sustainable phosphorus use at the P-DaKH Transdisciplinarity Forum held at the Palais Strozzi of Complexity Science Hub Vienna. P-DaKH (Phosphorus Data and Knowledge Hub) is a research collaboration between the Department of Knowledge and Communication Management of the University of Continuing Education Krems, Austria and the Global Phosphorus Institute, Ben Guerir, Morocco. During the two days of the conference, participants discussed the entire supply chain of phosphorus starting from the exploration and mining, fertilizer processing, use, and recycling. Special emphasis was given to mid- and long-term phosphorus supply security. 

Schedule P-DaKH Transdisciplinarity Forum

List of participants P-DaKH Transdisciplinary Forum

Prof. Roland Scholz and Prof. Gerald Steiner delivered the opening speech and discussed the overarching goal of this forum, order and structure along the value chain, and transdisciplinarity of the P-DaKH-project. Prof. Joanne Whalen, executive director of GPI, presented the holistic vision for responsible use of phosphorus and their collaboration internationally. 

In the subsequent session, the experts from both the science and practice side provided inputs on phosphate fertilizer and recycling innovations, price developments for fertilizers, and spent time on discussing facts as well as on debunking myths on phosphate fertilizers such as soil profile amelioration, cost-effectiveness of P fertilizers. In addition, experts and practitioners focused on recycling of P fertilizers, sewage-based nutrient potentials, and regulatory framework for the terrestrial and aquatic P cycles. On the second day, the forum divided into three parallel special interest groups (SIGs): SIG 1 on PhosDataD (focusing on Phosphorus deposit databank), SIG 2 on PhosdataM, including MFA, and SIG 3 on Innovation.  

Presentations on day 2 included those of Dr. Iman Asadi (P-DaKH team member) on the pilot cases of PhosData deposit data bank and Dr. Anna Shchiptsova’s presentation on  Data modeling for PR production. Mr. Kabir (P-DaKH team member) showed the climate change impacts on crop production and biomass production. Additionally, Dr. Aya Schneider-Mor discussed the beneficiation process of phosphorus.  

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